Charles Guerin is an artist whose works on paper and canvas have spanned four decades and have been collected and exhibited widely.  His work is essentially "Photo Realist" in nature, inspired as a reaction to the Pop Art movement of the 1970's and by the camera itself.  He uses it as a sketch book of sorts, capturing chance still life arrangements, landscapes and other visual material  in and outside of the studio setting. Increasingly, his work captures the process of making art, and deals with the ambiguity that many artists encounter while working, separating the experience of making art in the studio or in the field from the final work of art itself.   It is a common question, one which the Abstract Expressionist grappled: is the act of painting the art, or is it the final work?  For Guerin, it is both.  He addresses the real and illusion in a Trompe-l'oeil expression of the studio process.


Charles A. Guerin's body of work encompasses two select areas, Drawing and Painting. Drawing is an essential process and informs the paintings, but stands alone as a finished body of work.  The drawings are the most current works from his studio and represent points of departure for a new body of prints only recently feasible through the establishment of a printmaking facility within the studio.  Painting (works on canvas) has been at the forefront of the artists  production and  exists as a reflection of the landscapes he has experienced in the rugged environments where he has lived, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and the Adirondack of New York. This work will be available online shortly. 

Works on Paper